My code of practice and mission


The need to follow a code of practice is not news to most journalists.

Like the overwhelming majority of my peers, I strive to write honest, informative articles about topics of genuine interest which add to the sum of public knowledge. I check my facts, protect my sources while publishing my references, and am even-handed in my professional relationships.

But good journalism isn’t just about facts – there is room for opinion too.

And with the increasing sophistication of advertising and marketing/PR, I am aware that it is not always easy for the reader to separate the two. So while maintaining strict client confidentiality, this website gives me the opportunity to be more open about sponsorship and expenses.

Furthermore, in the aims of clarity, any product I recommend will only be there on the basis of my opinion of its merits and not at the behest or pay of a PR. See Lambert Likes for more details of how this works. Advertising will be present and is welcome, but will be clearly signposted as such.

It’s worth noting too that prices are correct only at time of going to press – and with some articles dating back  a few years, do check the date of original publication before assuming you can pick up a bargain. Inflation waits for no man – or website.  Likewise, politcians get promoted or demoted, and businesses open and close. I am updating copy but it would be unrealistic for me (and you) to hope I could overhaul every story or every figure.

Lastly, mistakes. Yes, they happen. In the heat of meeting deadlines and dealing with a multitude of sources and information, it is an occupational hazard.  If you spot an error please do get in touch and I will make a correction prominently on the relevant page.


  • Fight jargon. Greater transparency is surely more likely when words and concepts aren’t obscured by jargon familiar to only a few. We are not all in the medical profession or the world of science but information that affects our very lives should be accessible to all both in format and understanding.
  • Spread the word. Learning from our peers is intelligent. If it happened to anyone, it could happen to you. That’s why it is so important to read about other people’s experiences, good and bad. From the rare childhood cancer spotted by accident and how the family coped – to what really to expect when you become a heart, cancer or infertility ‘statistic’.
  • Point the way.  Through the mass of information coming from all directions I like to help you make an informed decision about your care and your rights. If there is something you want me to focus on, let me kno
  • Shout on your behalf. An independent, informed voice can hold doctors, politicians and organisations to account.

    Victoria Lambert Dysart Press

    Under pressure: Victoria with Prof Graham Hughes

  • Show a little tenderness. I know writing from my own experience that revealing personal stories can be tough. But it can be of appreciable benefit to the wider community, and even therapeutic, as interviewees have told me and I have personally found.
  • Keep in touch. Publication is never the end of the tale. Any story can have a repercussion with wide-ranging effects. A local news story investigating hospital hygiene cracked the lid on Stafford Hospital – one of the biggest hopsital scandals of recent years where poor standards of care led to unnecessary deaths.  So do get in contact if you have news to share (good or bad) about your (or another’s) story. Let me know how you have fared since we last spoke. And look out for newly Updated stories on the slider at the top of the Home Page.
  • Breaking news. You’ll read it here first in lots of cases, from news stories to personal testimonies and more.
  • See the bigger picture. The articles on this website do not just cover health in its most specific sense but in the most widely used sense of the word. The health of our nation depends not just on access to medicine, but on justice, fairness, equality and kindness. This is how you build the wellbeing of a nation,


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