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Marathon day (April 13 2014) in London will see super cool hairdresser Charlie Mann, Director of Electric London, chalking up his 26 miles in April at the Virgin Money London Marathon for a cause that is worth a little extra support. The Sir Simon Milton Foundation follows its eponymous founder’s ‘One City’ policy – a landmark initiative which provides young people with jobs and training, and ensures older residents are looked after and involved in a community that values their contribution.

Haring about: Charlie Mann and Mark Woolley of Electric Hairdressing salons

Hairing about: Charlie Mann and Mark Woolley of Electric Hairdressing salons

It’s this latter group which Charlie is keen to support . ‘Sir Simon’s vision is clear,’ he explains. ‘More personal choice and control, personal dignity and the chance to make a positive contribution.’

The Foundation wants to tackle everything from financial hardship and poor health to loneliness – for example through Silver Sunday, held annually on the first Sunday in October, providing older people with a national day of free activities offering them the opportunity to try something new and meet new people.

‘Westminster is a densely populated area but it is still possible for some of our elderly residents to be lonely in its midst. The Foundation wants to tackle that and act as a bridge to a better quality of life for our older residents.’

The organisation also supports young people to achieve their potential. ‘The Foundation wants to establish a network of scholarships, again with an emphasis on attracting those from less advantaged backgrounds. It will champion initiatives like the creation of a new University Technical College to promote Westminster as a place where employers can find a highly skilled and flexible young workforce.

‘But the development of young people goes wider than the jobs market: the Foundation wants to promote good citizenship through promoting volunteering, educational activities, guidance and mentoring.’

Racing talk

So has Charlie ever run a marathon before?

‘No,’ he admits. ‘This is my first official Marathon.’

You are pretty fit, I say – what is your weekly raining like now?

electric logo‘Current training consists of circuits, medium distance 8-10 miles, six days per week.  So I’ve increased the intensity of my training, 3 x long runs 12-18 mile runs 3 x per week, plus 2 x shorter distance, plus speed, strength and body weight circuits.’  His running partner is the man behind the Electric brand Mark Woolley , award winning creative director and all-round good guy.

So what’s Charlie looking forward to most about the marathon?

‘The spectacle of the event, the atmosphere,  the physical challenge, and the exposure for the charity.’

What is he dreading?

‘I am looking forward to the event,’ he laughs. ‘However I know it is going to hurt!’

If you want to support Charlie and the Simon Milton Foundation in its support for the young and old of London, sponsor his race here – a great guy running for a great cause. #lambertlikes

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    Will there be another marathon this year? does this only allows hair dressers? i’d like to bring some of my friends with me though.

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