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Trust Me- I’m Google – can we rely on medical evidence on the internet?  Online pharmacies and medical databases are enabling individuals to bypass doctors. Is the democratisation of medical practice progress? Can patients be trusted to self-prescribe, or is medical authority necessary for our health?

htlgi stageLast year at the How the Light Gets In festival at Hay on Wye, off-Hay Festival, in reality, I took part in a panel discussion with hosted by Ben Hammersley with Mark Salter, a consultant psychiatrist based in London’s East End, specialising in risk, untowardness and media portrayals of mental distress, and  Matt Jameson Evans, founder of and Remedy UK, which lobbies Parliament on medical issues. I interviewed Matt about his work with Remedy UK not long after – read it here

The arguments were lively but did we reach any conclusions? Watch and see!




PS – Lunch was good too:

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