Cystic fibrosis – support the tea party!

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Cystic Fibrosis Kids of Portsmouth is holding its annual Mad Hatters Tea Party next month – July 27th – to raise awareness of the condition (and have some fun, obviously!). It’s a good chance for me to highlight what a worthwhile cause this is to support.  CF is the most common inherited genetic condition – Gordon and Sarah Brown’s son is probably the most recently well-known child to be publicly diagnosed. But it affects many families across the country.

Tea partyWhat’s exciting about supporting CF is how successful the on-going research is: witness the enthusiasm which greeted the Cystic Fibrosis Trust’s new strategy published on April 29 2013.  Work is always going on into gene therapy, microbiology, transplantation and preventing lung damage in young children.

I’ve loaded up two interviews below – one with Rachel Agutter, a young woman with the condition, and one with her aunt, actress Jenny Agutter. Both tell you how it feels to be close to this condition from different family perspectives.

If you want to get involved and are Hampshire/Sussex based, why not come along and have some tea with Alice and the White Rabbit in July, and find out more?  More information:



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