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Rahua (pronounced ra-wa) range of shampoos and conditioners (and other hair products) from Amazon Beauty are fantastic finds if you are looking for natural products – no sulfates, parabens, fragrance, gluten, propylene glycol, dimethicone or other chemicals in these potions.

rahuaBecause they don’t contain artificial foaming agents, these feel different to most conventional shampoos, but your hair, scalp and own expectations adjust with time. Instead of relying on chemicals, the heavy labour is done by a South American botanical nut oil called rahua. According to the company’s press, unlike other oils that simply coat strands, the extraordinarily small Rahua oil molecule deeply penetrates the hair’s cortex – bonding and repairing it – while simultaneously smoothing the hair’s cuticle.

My favourite product is the Voluminous Spray (178ml; £22.50) – a soft-hold hairspray I use before blowdrying which gives good bounce and hold. But there is a whole range to explore. #Lambertlikes

Where to buy

Rahua products are available from www.rahua.com or at Harrods Urban Retreat – shampoo costs about£26 for 275ml.



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