Hunt is on – as Lansley (finally) leaves the NHS alone

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Secretary of State for Health Andrew Lansley has gone – a high profile victim of the reshuffle as Jeremy Hunt takes over the job – or his own inability to explain NHS reforms to either the medical profession, the public, the media or even David Cameron.

Lansley: ‘Nope, haven’t heard anything about a reshuffle’

Will history judge him well or not?  My instinct is not – his two years has seen a reorganisation famously so large you could see it from space – the exact opposite of what DC promised when he offered ‘no top-down reorganisation’ pre-election.

It has been chaotic, cluttered and unbelievably bureaucratic. The only real winners will be management consultants and political lobbyists (like the company his wife runs), private hedge funders and companies such as Richard Branson’s Virgin which are desperate to find places to expand.  The fact that they make money from the public’s pain seems not to matter these days.

Hunt: ‘So MY reorganisation is this big’

So what next? What will Jeremy Hunt inherit? It may look like a poisoned chalice but he has to do something (presumably without Rupert Murdoch’s permission).

Where should he start?

(oh and don’t worry about missing Lala – if DC and/or Clegg can’t make PMQs, YES!, the Leader of the House – Lala’s new job – gets to step up to the Despatch Box instead)





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