Poll: Are you affected by today’s strike?

Doctors are taking industrial action for the first time in 37 years over changes to their pensions that they regard both as unfair and unnecessary.

Thousands of routine appointments and non-urgent operations will be cancelled. Emergencies and urgent cases will be dealt with as normal.

Andrew Lansley has pleaded with medics not to take industrial action saying it was “pointless” and would achieve nothing.

NHS leaders stressed they did not want patients dragged into the dispute. The BMA chairman of council, Dr Hamish Meldrum, said the doctors’ fight was not with patients but with the government. ‘Nobody is happy about taking any sort of action that impacts adversely on patients.’

The government has claimed that up to 30,000 operations could be cancelled and 1.25m GP appointments postponed as a result of the strike, which started at midnight. The figures cannot be verified as the Department of Health has asked NHS trusts not to reveal details to the media.

So quick poll – have you been affected by action today?


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