Ten ways to get your body beach ready

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My countdown has begun – there are just four weeks to the annual family holiday. The beach may be English, but among the South Coast yummy mummies in fashionable West Wittering, West Sussex, the pressure to look good in swimwear is no less fierce than if we were in St Tropez. So how can I turn my white, scruffy legs into taut golden limbs worthy of promenading the beach? Let alone tame the tummy and lose a stone… After frantic research, here are 10 new ways to get bikini-ready. My body is   now a work in progress – but with all this help, it could just be enough. See you on the beach.

Home liposuction

Who hasn’t prayed for a machine that could melt away love handles or muffin tops? A full liposuction cosmetic surgery procedure costs thousands of pounds and requires a recovery period of months. But the new Evita Slimsonic “body wellness system” promises to do the same thing within the comfort of   your home and at a fraction of the cost. Using ultrasound, massage and heat   therapy, it claims to reduce spot fat and smooth contours. It works by targeting intense heat to shrink the fat cells that lie under the skin, melting the fat inside. At the same time, massage stimulates muscles, and encourages lymphatic drainage to improve the skin’s appearance.

Does it get results? Cosmetic surgeon Dr Ayham Al-Ayoubi says the methodology   is sound, the level of heat needed to make it work would be unbearable. “The skin is tough,” he explains, “by the time you were using enough   heat to have an effect, you would risk burning it.”

The machine doesn’t produce enough heat to burn, and settings can be adjusted for comfort. The makers say Slimsonic requires daily use for about four weeks. The jury is still out on my whether my curves are being tamed. Evita Slimsonic, £270 www.slimsonic.co.uk   0844 7009975)

Appetite suppressant

Laboratories Vitarmonyl’s Kilo Off nutritional weight- loss supplement claims to reduce your appetite. The French supplement contains citrus and apple pectins, plus guar gum, and also claims to “drain water and toxins”.   I found it effective, but not appetising. A yummier alternative is Ador swiss chocolate bars (175 calories each), which contain a natural ingredient called PinnoThin, made from pine-nut oil; research has found it keeps you feeling fuller for longer – I can confirm that. Kilo Off: £11.95 per 10-day supply (www.amirose.com) Ador chocolate bar 99p per 35g bar (Harvey Nichols or www.adorfood.com)

Tan optimiser

Functionalab’s Opti-tan formula is full of nutrients such as active carotenoids beta-carotene and lycopene which, it claims, will help the skin obtain a uniform tan and “reduce skin sensitivity to sun and protect cells from radical damage”. Back it up with tanning preparation milk (a light fake tan) from cult brand Melvita, This contains no sun block so use in addition to sun screen. Thanks to its no-fuss nature, this is one of my favourite products. Opti-tan formula, £29 for one month’s supply, www.functionalab.co.uk   Melvita tanning preparation milk, 150ml, £18, www.melvita.co.uk;   tel 0800 138 7045

DIY depilation

The E-One hair removal system, designed by a French doctor, is an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) machine that provides a salon-class treatment in your home. It’s small, easy to use, painless and fuss-free – and I love it.   Simply snap on the protective goggles, squirt gel on the area to be treated, and begin zapping with the applicator. It works by emitting high-powered   bursts of light to kill each hair at its root. The company claims offending   fuzz should drop out after eight days. Repeating monthly for a year should see most people hair-free for good, bar the required yearly top-ups. At   £1,450, it is still cheaper than monthly salon IPL sessions. The E-One: £1,450 (www.e-swin.com)

Fat-burning cola

Bio Synergy Skinny Cola is a low-calorie cola drink that contains nutrient L-carnitine, claimed to turn fat into energy (there is not research to prove this). It also contains chromium picolinate, which studies have found to reduce sugar cravings. The drink is an acquired taste. Check your weight loss on an Homedics MiBody 360 USB Analyser Scale, connected to your PC. Fab for anyone who likes technology as much as I do. Skinny Cola: £15.48 for 12 x 500ml (www.bio-synergy.co.uk)   Homedics MiBody 360 USB Analyser Scale, £74.99 (www.homedics.co.uk)

Bottom toner

Tonewalker shoes must be the most bizarre form of footwear ever invented. The makers claim they sculpt the bottom, hips, legs and stomach area, building and toning core muscles, plus increasing your metabolism, making muscles work harder, and burning more calories. They are effective, say the   manufacturers, if you wear for 15 minutes every other day. This may be true if you can walk in them – I found standing upright a challenge. Tonewalker sandals: £49 (www.lovethoseshoes.com)

Home gym

The AbPump is a multi-purpose home-fitness tool. Standing on the orange and grey twist board and gripping the “power tower” in front, you can twist, bend and flex your way to a flatter, more toned stomach and upper body, and work on your arms, too. It comes with instructions for exercises, and claims that, if used for just 20 minutes, three times a week, you will get results in three weeks. It’s easier to fit into my morning routine than a trip to the gym. Abpump: £99.99 (www.myabpump.com)

Arm sculptor

A new take on the dumbbell, a Shake Weight tones and sculpts arms, and   banishes bingo wings – use it for six minutes a day to see results, promise   the makers. Wag Alex Gerrard is a fan; I found it a bit dull. Shake Weight: £29.95 (www.highstreettv.com   and selected Tesco stores nationwide)

Diet delivery

For ease, home delivery diets are unbeatable; you eat what you’re told, and nothing else. Freshest and tastiest is the Pure Package diet. Meals such as organic salmon, sesame, and rice noodle salad are delivered daily (within the M25). At about £40 a day it isn’t cheap. DIY with the Tony Ferguson Weight Loss Programme from Boots which includes meal replacement drinks and   bars, plus menus and consultations in store. I absolutely love the Pure Package Diet and if funds allowed, I would feed my entire family this way. I won’t be rushing for seconds of The Tony Ferguson programme Pure   Package: £399.50 for 10 days full menu, www.purepackage.com   Tony Ferguson Programme: Programme Guide: £15; www.boots.com

Cellulite buster

For a luxurious way to beat cellulite, try Jean d’Estrées Stubborn Cellulite Control Booster Concentrate, with sweet almond extract and Biosculptine, a secret slimming ingredient. After one month’s use, testers reported up to 2.2cm was lost from the thigh. It’s too early for me to see that kind of  result – but it’s a pleasure to use.  Jean d’Estrées, £55.99 for 200ml from www.screenglam.com

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